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24 7 Locksmith Businesses Trust And Depend On

When running a business no matter the size, your business security is essential to you and the people you employ. You need a reliable 24 7 locksmith to take care of all your business lock and security needs.

But there are many commercial locksmiths in the Framingham, MA area. Choosing the right one is a tough choice. It is also an important choice that you should consider carefully from the extensive research you perform. You will want to choose a 24 7 locksmith that your business can trust and depend on, such as Locksmith Framingham.

Why Choose Locksmith Framingham As Your 24 7 Locksmith In Framingham, MA?

  • They are a locksmith that is well known to the community
  • They are a 24 7 locksmith you can trust and depend on
  • Ten years in business
  • They have expertise in the commercial locksmith industry
  • Their response time is 20 minutes, Emergency key service
  • They provide a variety of services to many business types

What Services Can A Commercial Locksmith Offer Your Business?

Business buildings require a higher grade or level of security, and these security type systems differ from what you would find in a residential home. Commercial locksmiths are highly trained professionals in the lock types and security systems used by most businesses.

Generally, Commercial services include:

  • Installation Of High-Security Locks

High-security locks provide an extra level of security to your business, they made from strong heavy-duty metal. These lock types come in different shapes and forms and can withstand forced entry or manipulation attempts. They are drill and pick resistant and have an ANSI lock grade of 1, meaning they are the most secure lock type. With keyed high-security locks, the keys need authorization to be duplicated, which is usually held by a locksmith with the business owner’s consent.

  • Access Control Locking Systems Installation And Setup

These locking systems give you the control of knowing who has access to which area of your business. Every entry and exit made to your business or an area within your business by a key card, key code, or fingerprints, are logged in a system for you to monitor.

  • Master Key Systems

Master key systems give you the opportunity to eliminate most of the keys you carry around with you. You can have one key that can open several locks, helping you to maintain better control of the number of keys floating around the building.

  • CCTV Systems

CCTV systems add an extra layer of security to your business premises. They protect you, your business, and workers from threats of vandalism or theft.

  • Panic Bar Installation

Panic bars on an exit door to your business allows for everyone in the building to exit quickly and safely in an emergency. They simply push a bar to unlock the locking mechanism so they are able to push the door open.

  • Business Safes

Safes are an important place and way for businesses to keep their sensitive documents, cash, and other business valuables safe. Commercial locksmiths often sell and install high-security safes for businesses. When keys are lost or combinations are forgotten, they call for a 24 7 locksmith to help open it.

  • Lock Repairs For Doors, Cabinets, And Desk Drawers

Locks on doors, cabinets, and desk drawers often wear down or malfunction and they become difficult to open even with the correct key. Keys are often lost, stolen, or misplaced at times when employees or business owners need them the most. This could be during office hours or after hours when many work late and they are in need of a 24 7 locksmith to open the lock urgently.

  • Re-keying

Instead of installing new locks on the doors, re-keying is a cheaper but effective option. A locksmith will alter the mechanism in the lock so that the old key will not open it, but the new key will. If you have locks on your office doors that are all the same brand and lock type with different keys, you can re-key the locks so that one key opens all the locks.

  • 24 7 Locksmith Services

Many businesses experience some of the same issues as homeowners such as lockouts, lost keys, broken keys, faulty locks. Often these issues occur after hours and other times during business hours when they do, businesses need to rely on a 24 7 locksmith.

  • Other Commercial Services

Commercial locksmiths also include all the same services that they would for residential services, such as cutting keys and repairing or installing locks.

Choosing a trustworthy and dependable 24 7 locksmith such as Locksmith Framingham, Framingham, MA, will give you peace of mind that your business lock security is taken care of.

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