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Are you in need of a car locksmith Framingham that can help you in a pinch? We’ve had over a decade in business and we’re known for being an honest, quick, and reliable locksmith that you can depend on. Whether it’s an emergency situation or you need a hand for other reasons, our auto locksmith in Framingham is here to help. No matter how big or small the job may be, every dependable employee will bring a fully loaded van and will provide you with a 20 minute response so that you can get back to your day more quickly.

Can We Take Care of All Auto Locksmith Services in Framingham, MA?

If you’re looking at auto locksmith services in Framingham, we are here to assist you. We’ve made a point to ensure that we can be here for all of your needs, so that you don’t need to call another locksmith Framingham to take care of different tasks. We have a wide array of tools that we use, and we’re always getting new technology for lockouts, replacement car keys, and vehicle lock repairs. Whether you’ve broken your ignition key in the door or you need a key maker that can actually copy your transponder key, we’ve got the tech to make it happen. As your local auto locksmith, we strive to offer the best solutions for you at the best prices and with no strings attached. And, if it’s an emergency, we’ll get our team out to help you as quickly as we are able to do so.

Our Key Maker Tech Allows Us to Copy Your Transponder Key

Transponder keys are notoriously difficult for your ordinary car locksmith Framingham, MA to make a copy of. But, you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg at the dealership so that you can get a new key fob. We’ve established ourselves as the best Framingham auto locksmith, so we’re constantly updating our key maker technology so that we can adapt to the needs of modern day customers. The next time you need a new transponder key or some other type of vehicle key, come to us – we’ll make a copy and get you out the door.

Lose Your Keys? Get Replacement Car Keys Here

Our Framingham locksmith can copy vehicle keys so that you can have a spare set. We can even make replacement car keys for you, even if you’ve broken or lost them. Our technology lets us make a mold and print new replacement car keys for you in just a few minutes.

Broken Ignition Key? No Problem

If you have broken your ignition key in the door or ignition, our auto locksmith Framingham, MA can assist you. We have the tools to get your ignition key out of the door or ignition without breaking anything further. Then, we can make you a new one just as quickly.

Automotive FAQ

You can get replacement car keys made at a few different locations, but the location that you choose affects costs, quality, and your overall satisfaction of your product. The auto dealership can make any keys that you need, but it will cost you dearly for the service. Locksmiths are the usually go-to professionals when you need keys made for the car. They provide quality keys at an affordable price. Hardware and home improvement stores also make keys. And nowadays, key cutting machines sit in store corridors, though using these machines is risky.

Your auto insurance policy may pay the costs of having a car key made. Check your policy or talk to your agent to learn if the cost of replacement car keys is covered. Also make sure that it is worth filing a claim with your insurer to replace the keys for your car. Some car keys are more expensive to replace than others. In this case, you want the help that your insurance policy offers. Otherwise, you may find that it is less of a hassle and much cheaper to fork over the small amount of cash for the keys yourself.