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Understanding Car Lockouts And How To Deal With Them.

Though they are quite uncommon as compared to house and premises lockouts, car lockouts occur quite often. In a nutshell, a car lockout is a situation where you cannot access your car, and if you do, the car engages its anti-theft auto-lock feature, and the engine fails to start. A car lockout can be a bit complicated as compared to other lockouts, depending on your car make and model.

How Does A Car Lockout Happen?

A car lockout can happen in a few ways, some of which are similar to house lockouts. Below are four prominent ways a car lockout can occur:

Key Loss Or Theft

Typically one of the most common causes of car lockouts. When you lose your car keys by either misplacing them or if they are stolen, you become a stranger to your car. You can in no way unlock the car unless you have a spare key with you.

Locked Keys In The Car

At times, you may accidentally lock the key in your car. Some cars lock themselves after some time. If this happens when you have rolled up the windows, you might be locked out. This type of lockout can also occur when a child locks themselves inside the car.

Broken Or Unresponsive Keys

Just like your house keys, car keys wear out over time to a point where it doesn’t work on the door anymore. If your car’s model year is anywhere between 1995 to date, your car key most probably has a transponder – a transmitter and receiver that makes your key unique to your car. The transponder can also fail, which prevents your car from unlocking, and if it does, the engine won’t start.

If you use a remote fob or smart key to unlock your car, it might also fail due to battery drain. The receiver in your car can also fail to respond, which may lead to a lockout.


If your car detects an attempted theft or forceful entry, it tends to lock itself. Moreover, if someone tries to use any other key or lock-picking objects to unlock the car, this also initiates the anti-theft protocol. If this has happened, your key might not work until the computer senses that the attempted theft has been neutralized. You’ll, therefore, most probably need Framingham, MA, professional help to solve this; meanwhile, you’ll be locked out.

Handling Car Lockouts.

Fixing your lockout will depend on your situation. Let’s explore some of the available options:

How Safe Is Your Car?

The first thing you need to do is to secure your car. The underlying assumption here is that you are in a secure place. If there’s a guard around, alert them so that they can keep a close eye, especially if the keys are lost or stolen. Someone might show up with the keys and get in your car. Also, make sure it’s safe from possible break-ins.

How Fast Can You Access Your Spare Key?

If the keys are lost, stolen, or locked in the car, then a spare key can get you going. If it is possible to have it delivered to your location within a reasonable time, go ahead and organize for delivery. However, don’t forget to book an appointment with a auto locksmith to acquire an extra key or two to replace the lost one.

Call For Expert Help.

Auto locksmiths are experts in dealing with car lockouts. They can get you out of any lockout situation within minutes. Most of them offer mobile services, so you never have to worry about towing your car to their shop. They will repair broken locks and keys, fix transponders, duplicate keys, program new keys, and even unlock self-locked cars.

Framingham, MA, locksmiths have an outstanding skillset and high-end equipment to ensure they work efficiently and cause zero or negligible damage to your car. When hiring a locksmith for automobiles, ensure you check their certification and insurance, to confirm that you’re getting genuine help. You should then be ready with some information about your identity, proof of ownership of the car and details about your car.

Last Call

The locksmith may not always be the ultimate solution to your lockout problem, especially if your car belongs to the class of high-end brands. The locksmith might not be willing to take the risk of damaging it, so you’ll have to get help from your dealership.

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