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Chip Key Duplicates and Malfunctions Are Easily Fixed

Yes, that’s right. All chip key problems can be solved by Locksmith Framingham, MA who is located in the Framingham, MA area. A chip key provides more security for your vehicle. The keys contain a computer chip that authenticates the current chip key along with the duplicated one. When you put the key into the ignition, the control unit for the engine sends out a coded message to your key.

If you have an original key, a coded message will be responded back to the engine’s control unit. Once the messages have been authenticated, the car will start.  With all this high-tech advancement, chip key replacements have become more complex for automotive locksmiths.
Transponder keys don’t actually have a battery: it works by a chip that is embedded into the transponder; then powered by the radio signals sent from the car. The radio signals that are being transmitted are of low strength; so they will only activate the chip when you have the key near the car or when it is put inside the ignition.

Do I Need To Get A Replacement From A Locksmith?

If you need a new chip key replacement, then the best option is to see a professional auto locksmith near me from Locksmith Framingham, who can create a new key for a fraction of the cost that a car dealer in the Framingham, MA area would charge you. Going with a locksmith is more cost-effective!  The transponder keys are used in most vehicles from BMW, Nissan, Ford, Toyota, etc. The concept of the chip key was started to reduce the risk of car theft.

Originally cars were stolen more with the help of having duplicate keys. It used to be easy for an automotive locksmith to create a duplicate key, and then anyone that got their hands on the duplicate or took that to get copied again would end up stealing your car. Due to most of the modern cars using transponder keys, the old way of hot-wiring cars is useless.

Due to this type of car key replacement being more difficult to create and program; they can become a costly task. Once the key has been cut, it will need to be programmed by mobile car Locksmith Framingham.  You need not worry about the increased cost to cut and program as this is a high level of security that is protecting your car from being stolen.

Benefits Of Having A Transponder Key

  • Exceptional Security
  • Improved Functionality
  • Very easy to use

Another benefit of the chip key is that they allow car owners to access their vehicles remotely. Remote operation is very beneficial, especially with the central lock capabilities and even a panic button which you can press when you feel in danger.

How Do I Tell If A Car’s Transponder Key Has Problems?

Like everything else, even in Framingham, MA, transponder keys can have issues and cause problems for car owners. This can turn into a major problem as transponders keys also serve as the car’s top security measure. If the transponder is malfunctioning, then you run the risk of getting locked in or out or not being able to secure the car at all.

Check Out The Symptoms Of This, So You Know What To Look For:

  • Locking issues: If the transponder key doesn’t lock consistently, then there is a problem. The same rule will apply when you use the transponder to say, open a lock while inside the vehicle; but it fails to. This can be a bigger problem with the more modern cars where there are no keyholes for a key.
  • The engine fails to start: If you are using your key in the ignition, but the car won’t start, it can sometimes mean your chip isn’t being recognized by the key anymore. This will be different from engine problems as with that; you will still hear confirmation that the engine is trying to start. If you are having issues with your chip, then you are going to lack this cue.
  • Problems with your emergency signal: If the vehicle’s emergency signal goes off unintendingly, or you can’t turn it off once it’s been activated, most likely, your chip is malfunctioning.

If you are encountering one of these problems or a combination, then you need professional assistance from the experts to find a solution.

If you own a modern vehicle, most likely, you are going to have a chip key. Created as a safety precaution so cars cannot be hotwired and stolen, the chip key is now a standard part of vehicle security.

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