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Commercial Locksmith – Framingham, MA

We all need a locksmith sometimes – especially if you own a business and want to keep everything safe and secure. When you need a commercial locksmith Framingham, you need to trust the company with over a decade in business. Our locksmiths are reliable and honest, and they do their jobs well. Every job has a 20 minute response (or less!) and our locksmiths all bring a fully loaded van with them to the job site. This makes us the most dependable option for a locksmith in the region. More business owners trust our team than any other locksmiths in the area!

Why Choose Our Commercial Locksmith Services in Framingham, MA?

We’ve worked hard to position ourselves as the best commercial locksmith services in Framingham MA. We take care of a variety of needs – including commercial lockouts, replacing and rekeying commercial door locks, and installing entire security lock systems so that your business is secure. We can answer your questions about any security needs you may have. And, on top of that, every single member of our staff is background checked, so you can feel confident that your business information and needs are safe with us. We’ll take care of you as well as we take care of our own business!

Working Out a Plan for Commercial Lockouts with Your Framingham Locksmith

If you are worried about a building lockout and what that may mean for your business, our locksmith Framingham can help you to make a plan. Commercial lockouts can be complex, but we can give you advice and ensure that only certain people are able to call us and take care of lockout problems. Our Framingham locksmith will put together a list of names that need to be adhered to, and we will always ensure that your business is as safe as it can be. Just contact us and we can start to work out specific details with you.

Want to Update Your Commercial Door Locks?

Your commercial door locks are at the center of your business security, and our locksmith understands that entirely. When you talk with our commercial locksmith Framingham, we can help you to explore your building and answer any questions that you may have regarding your locks. If you make the decision to update your locks or to rekey them, we can also copy building keys so that you can get exactly what resources you need. Talk with us today and we can get started with any processes that you may need assistance with in relation to business keys, locks, and other security questions.

Your Security Lock Experts

Let’s take a look at your security lock system and help you to figure out how you may want to make advancements or changes. Our locksmith commercial can talk you through your options for a new security lock system and give you updates about affordable tech that can make it even better.

Commercial FAQ

Is it cheaper to rekey my high security locks or to change them altogether?

The parts a locksmith needs to rekey a high security lock are typically pretty cheap and for this reason, it is almost always cheaper to rekey high security locks rather than getting them changed. When you have locks changed, you will be charged for labor and parts, but when you take advantage of rekeying services, a locksmith is only charging for labor. However, if you don’t have the matching key to the high security lock, and a locksmith must pick it, this additional charge can make rekeying more expensive than replacing your lock.

What kind of high security lock best protects against being drilled?

The drill is a tool used because it gets a lock open fast and it seems to work on almost every lock. When someone comes into contact with high security door locks that have anti-drill protection, they’ll find that their tried and true method of drilling won’t help them get past those locks. The main points that need protection are the shear line and set screws. Look for hardened steel ball-bearings that protect both areas. There are also models that have rotating anti-drill plates that protect the shear line from drilling. A locksmith can help you make sure these points are addressed.