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What is a Deadbolt Lock?

By definition, a deadbolt lock is “a lock, a bolt that is moved by turning a knob or key without the action of a spring. In its correct direction”.

In simpler words, it is a lock that can be opened only through a key or knob and cannot be easily battered. These types of locks tend to resist any amount of forced entry into the house; thus offer good security to your place.

What to choose – Double or Single Cylinder Deadbolt lock?

Deadbolt Locks installed come in both double and single cylinder models. A double cylinder deadbolt requires a key to operate the deadbolt from either side of the door. A single cylinder deadbolt can be locked or unlocked from inside by a thumb turn.

Using a double cylinder lock may be troublesome; when at times of emergencies as it will prevent you from fast and efficient exit. Several manufacturers rarely such as ourselves, Locksmith Framingham, MA does make a “captive thumb turn” key; which is a detachable thumb turn that changes the lock from a single cylinder to a double cylinder. As we believe in customer satisfaction and security as our utmost priority so our services are tailor-made for your needs.

Features to consider guaranteeing a secure deadbolt lock:

Material – The bolt must extend to one inch in diameter and should be made of hardened steel; which will certify its durability in the long term.
Shape – The collar of the cylindrical locks must properly be tapered and be free-spinning; so that it is difficult to grip it with pliers or a wrench, making it fail-proof and less of a liability.
Connector – The connecting screw must be on the inside and made up of solid steel. No exposed screw heads should be present or seen or the mechanism can fail.
Sizes – The connecting screws must be at least ¼ inch in diameter and go into solid metal shock, not screw posts.

Some key advantages of a deadbolt lock:

This mechanism enables you to be protected to the maximum level from forced physical attacks

Difficult to damage

A lock is close to being impossible to break into as compared to a regular standard lock; which may be broken or damaged using crowbars, etc.; or it may even be accessed through a stolen key or knife; keeping in mind they use a spring mechanism to function.

Time-consuming to intrude
Intruders tend to lack time when they wish to break in whereas a deadbolt lock requires a whole length of time to be broken into; while being tougher to open as it is. This would make the intruder contemplate whether the chances of being caught are worth the risk; so they may end up not breaking in.
The deadbolt lock of front door locks requires a lot of time to break in and is tougher to open; so it leaves the decision on the intruder that whether to break into the house; or not as this increases the chances of him being spotted or caught.

Precautions to take when installing a deadbolt

It is to be noted that no lock is 100% guaranteed to protect your house from intruders.
However, you can greatly lower the risk of an intruder being able to break into your house by using deadbolt and plates on the main door, so it becomes difficult for him to break in.

Also make sure that locks that you install are bump proof; because it won’t matter how physically secure your entrance doors are if a criminal decides to enter your home with a bump key purchased online.

What does one prefer – DIY or hiring a professional?

Considering you’re the type of individual who would prefer to install your locks yourself and have a minimal number of doors that need locks; we just want to let you know that our pro locksmiths even provide services like these and suggest you to make wise choices in terms of whether you should buy your locks from a big box store or hire locksmiths to do that work seeing all the possible complications. However, when you need a master key system or a patented key control, you will have to spend that extra money and hire our professional team of expert locksmiths at Locksmith Framingham.

Why should you call our company?

Rest assured all our technicians are fully qualified, vetted, and insured while our prices remain competitive. Offering 24 hours of emergency services and operating 7 days a week, we cover all aspects of providing the top locksmith services. Our technicians arrive fully equipped to ensure the job can be completed there and then, staying true to our top-notch customer service being our top priority.
So call us now and get your deadbolt lock installed by the best in town!

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