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Why is Door Lock Installation Necessary?

We as a commercial company and as a user who faced the same problem thus on a personal level do understand Installing a door lock can be rather complex, but with the right guidance, any homeowner can install a door lock. It tends to always seem like a simple task to individuals, but a tiny mistake may lead to preventing the lock from working properly, and so put your security at risk. Therefore, we are here for your needs, providing door lock installation services near you.

These are the most common amateur lock installation mistakes:

Installing the Lock Incorrectly

One of the most amateur and usual mistake that individuals make is fixing the new doorknob wrong at the required position and only realized this later after the screws have been tightened or installed. Make sure to relieve this stress and instead reach us; we are providing high security door locks installation services with high-quality.

Drilling the wrong holes

If you are in a situation where you have to drill the saw hole in the door; start from the inside and look for the drill, beginning to show on the other side of the door. When you start to see it, stop drilling and switch sides to continue. This will minimize splintering and potential damage to the door, however, if you want to escape this hassle you can call us; our pro-level Locksmiths will help you out in your time of need.

Incorrect door measurements

Your door will not shut in the right manner if it’s not measured properly. So let us handle this trouble as we are experts in our field of door lock installations.

Locking Yourself Out

Locking yourself outside your own home is one of the most embarrassing things. But do not worry, we’re providing door lock installation services are always available for your need 24/7; so do not hesitate to call us and take our help.

What to keep in mind before the installation?

What To Choose: Rekeying vs. Replacing?

Replacing locks on a door can be done through many methods including some, such as either replacing them or rekeying them. Both methods guarantee that the old keys will no longer be accessible to open the lock and cause future trouble.

Replacement of vandalized locks

Like all things, a lock too eventually undergoes its wear and tear. Jamming the wrong key into a lock or just the repetitive movement of locking and unlocking the door over time can damage the internal mechanism, resulting in a key that gets stuck inside or is difficult to turn. In this situation, it’s best to bite the bullet and replace the entire lock.

Changing locks if the keys are robbed or lost

If your keys are ever stolen, the first major step to take is replacing all the door locks and calling a residential locksmith in terms of door lock installation. You can use rekeying but the one moment when you’d have no choice; but to replace the lock is if per se the single key to the lock got lost. The rekeying process requires the use of an original key; if you don’t have one you’ll have to replace the entire lock.

Taking into account a master key system

It get frustrating to look through a bundle of keys just because the front door key doesn’t work for the backdoor or the side door locks and vice versa. This ease of using a single key that fits all the locks in your home (including the ) can be fulfilled by rekeying—as long as you have the same types of lock brands on all the house doors. Rekeying techniques (and key styles) vary from one manufacturer to another; but one promise is that Locksmith Framingham is the best you can find out there.

Greater security through lock upgrades

Post break-in or a series of robberies in the neighborhood, many individuals upgraded to safer lock system. Many of today’s locks have become smart locks that include a keypad with a combination instead of the traditional key to unlock the door. The keypad can be programmed to accept a numerical digit code that can easily be reset to a new code if necessary.

Why Us?

Locksmith Framingham is one of the best locksmith service providers keeping in mind the wide variety of services we offer including door lock installation, car key replacements and more. Our main aim is to satisfy our customers and fulfill their requirements while maintaining quality, speed and efficiency. With our premium door lock installation services and a team of experts; you are bound to be satisfied with what we have to offer 24 hours – any day, any time.
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