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Emergency Locksmith Services You Can Count On

Emergency locksmith services are there to help repair or change locks on any of the doors in your home. You may arrive at your Framingham, MA home after work and find you are having difficulty locking or unlocking the doors.  Maybe you arrived home to find someone has broken into your house, you need help with changing the locks.

What counts as emergency services and how can emergency locksmith services help, are questions the majority of the community in Framingham, MA asks.

What Are The Lock And Key Issues That Count As An Emergency?

If a locksmith such as Locksmith Framingham offers emergency locksmith services, this means they are available 24 hours a day. They are there to help any day of the week, even on holidays, and at any time of the day or night.

So if you experience any lock and key issues such as a lockout or break-in at any time, then you can call for emergency locksmith services.

What Can Emergency Locksmith Services Help You Within Your Time Of Need?

Although there are many services a locksmith such as Locksmith Framingham can provide in a lock and key emergency. However, all the emergency locksmith services would fall under one of the following five general services.

  • Lockouts
  • Locksmith emergency
  • Lost or broken keys
  • Repair damage or malfunctioning locks
  • Replacing beyond repair lock
  • Upgrading locking systems


The most common and most popular service of many locksmiths is a lockout. This is not being able to enter a building, car, or unlock a lock of any kind. There are different lockout types that you could experience that would require emergency locksmith services. This would include:

  • Home lockout
  • Car lockout
  • Business building lockout
  • Filing cabinet and desk drawer lockout
  • Security safe lockout

Lost Or Broken Keys

Different keys for different items are lost regularly from the keys for your home, car, or business doors and furniture. There are usually two reasons that we lose physical keys, one if you misplaced them and two if someone stole them.

No matter how your physical keys were lost, it is important for your safety to install new locks on your home or business. If your car key is lost, you need to have a new key made and programmed for your car type.

There are even keys in a form of a combination or a key code that many forget. When this happens, it is best to call a trusted locksmith to reset the code or combination for you.

When keys break in the lock from forced entry while we rushing to get in or out of our homes. Call for the emergency locksmith experts to extract the broken key and issue you with a new one.

Repair Locks

Exterior door locks that function well are an absolute necessity for your security. If your locks do not turn properly, feel loose inside the lock or there is visible damage to the lock, you should call on emergency locksmith Marlborough, MA services to have them repaired. If left, you and your belongings are vulnerable to thieves picking the locks easily, taking what they want, or even putting your life in danger.

Or if you have installed electronic locks instead of the traditional lock and key locks in your home or business, a lockout can also be possible. Most of the time it is because of a low battery or loss of internet connection, then you will need a locksmith to come to your rescue to get it to operate again.

Replace Locks

There are many reasons for replacing locks, such as

  • Damaged locks that are beyond repair
  • Moving into a new home or business
  • You have had a break-in
  • Someone has moved out with a copy of your keys
  • Someone stole your keys
  • The locks are old and faulty
  • You need an upgrade

Replacing locks should be a job for the professionals, especially if they are complex high-security locks. They will ensure the correct lock type is replaced in the door type and the lock functions properly.

Upgrade Locking Systems

Under normal circumstances, upgrading your locking system would not require emergency locksmith services, except after a burglary. Often the reason for the burglary is poor, low-level security on your locking system.

If you are going to replace the locks anyway, it is best to upgrade them to a high-level security locking system. Speak to the technician from Locksmith Framingham for advice on the right options to suit your needs and for the door type.

Emergency locksmith services in Framingham, MA are always ready to help you at any time of the day or night. Whether you experience a lockout, have lost or broken keys or if your locks need repairing or replacing, they are one call away.

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