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I Lost My Car Keys – What Should I Do?

The first experience for everything is always memorable. When it is an unpleasant scenario, it can get really messy. Losing your car keys for the first time is one of those horrible experiences. You have no clue what to do, and you don’t know where to get help. You don’t even have the slightest idea of where to look for ‘I lost my car keys’ rescue.

Here’s What I’d Do If I Lost My Car Keys ?

Typically, you’ll try to convince yourself that you have made an irreversible mistake. You lose your rational reasoning and you get frantic, which worsens the situation. That should never be the case. Let me fit myself into your shoes, and let’s go through how you should go about it together.

Remain Calm

The very first thing you should do is to calm down. The human brain is programmed to work at its own pace without being rushed or prodded, which is what worry and anxiety do to us. Relax and take a deep breath. It happens, and so can be resolved. The last thing you need to do is let it blow up your mind.

Secure Your Car

If you don’t have your car keys, then there is a possibility that someone else might be having them. They might not have the best intentions, so you need to be cautious. We are always advised to park in secure parking lots, and this is one of those times when you find out its importance. Confirm that your car is locked, and alert the nearest guard that your car keys are lost, so that they can keep a keen eye on the car.

Review Your Trail

Take a short trip down memory lane starting from the last time you remember having the keys in your hand, or the last time you locked your car. If you have to walk to all the places you’ve been to after you left your car. Your key might be lying idle somewhere on a desk or coffee table. Let every person you’ve been with know that you can’t find the keys, just in case they see them.

Consider Utilizing Your Spare Key – I Lost My Car Keys

If I locked out of car, the first thing that will come to my mind is my spare key stashed somewhere within my car. Depending on how far it is, a delivery would do. If you can access it within a reasonable time, go ahead and arrange for its delivery.

However, if you are in a rush, waiting for long wouldn’t be a great idea unless someone can pick the car for you as you use alternative means to carry on with your day’s schedule.

Get Professional Help – I Lost My Car Keys

If you can’t access your spare key, then you have to seek professional help to work your way out. An auto locksmith is the best bet for the job. Framingham, MA, Auto locksmiths will get you a new key or two (or as many as you want) and disable the lost key at a reasonable charge. However, you should not blindly hire anyone for this job. There are a few things you should be keen on when engaging an auto locksmith.

Who Do You Hire?

It would be great to hire a specialized locksmith car keys who deals exclusively in automobile lockouts. They’re more likely to do a great job. You should ensure that they are certified and licensed as a precaution, just in case something goes wrong. The locksmith you settle on should be quite close to your location, for quick service delivery. Also, do some homework and check on their customer feedback. You don’t want to hire amateurs for the job.

What Is Needed?

Framingham, MA, locksmith call centers receive ‘I lost my car keys’ kind of calls all the time, sometimes even from thieves. When you contact them, you’ll need to identify and prove yourself as the car owner. That includes personal identification as well as information about the car’s model and make, a vehicle identification number, and more. They’ll need as much information as possible from you, for legal purposes and in preparation for the rescue mission.

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