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Key Cutting- Do You Require Our Expert Services?

Do you have to jiggle your key to get it to work? Or pull it slightly out of the lock before it will turn? Do you have a spare key for your home in the event that you’re locked out? It may be time to get a duplicate key made. Keys are typically made of brass or a nickel-brass mixture, and the pins in a lock are also made of brass. Over years of use, keys and pins do wear down. In addition, it’s important to have spare keys around in case you’re ever locked out or need a friend or family member to get into your home for some reason. This is why we at Locksmith Framingham are your top choice in providing the best key cutting services.

Locksmiths Here To Help!

Have you ever required the services of a locksmith? If you haven’t, do not ignore that fact that you may need one sooner than you think. Spare keys are an essential thing and you should have one for your car, home and every other thing that has a lock. A locksmith, such as Locksmith Framingham, can offer you key cutting services that will greatly help you going forward.

Benefits Of Key Cutting:


It is easy to argue that since you have kept your keys safe for a long time; you do not need to get spares for it. Well, losing your key only takes one moment and if you do not have a spare, you will need to break the lock.

Breaking the lock is not the best solution since you will be forced to replace the entire part, which will cost you a lot of money.
Just try and think of a situation where you have to break your expensive car’s lock. How much will it cost you to replace it? It is better to invest some little money and use a key cutting locksmith to cut out spares for you.

If you have spare keys that are readily accessible, they will save you a lot of stress and money when you get stranded.

Helpful at times of lockouts

Calling a professional locksmith can cost you more. Besides, if the locksmith is not available during that time, then you will be in great trouble. That’s why it is important to have a spare key with you. Just choose Locksmith Framingham for this key cutting purpose, and you can easily get a key within a few minutes.

Key cutting services also make it easy for other people to help you out since you could hand them to family members and then contact them when you lose your main keys.

Time saving
If you travel to someplace outside of town and lose your keys, you will probably be stranded there trying to find someone to help break your lock. The same applies if you get home and find that you do not have your keys. You cannot always break your lock as some of them are much more secure to keep out burglars.

You will, therefore, be forced to wait and have someone come and do it for you, something that will waste your valuable time. Having spare keys is a convenient way of going about the problem since all you need to do is to get them and plan on getting another one cut to replace the lost one.

How Are Keys Made?

Keys are cut with a machine called a key duplicator. Your original key is placed on one side of the key duplicator, lined up with the cutting tool (or blade), and a blank key is placed on the side of the machine that contains the alignment tool. The alignment tool is a piece of metal that is even with the blade. The key guide, or alignment bar, on your key duplicator, ensures the keys are even with one another.

The key duplicator is then turned on, and as the original and blank keys move horizontally across the machine, the blade cuts into the blank key, using the original as a sort of template. Afterward, the lock will sand the duplicate key for a smooth finish. The final product is a duplicate key that matches the original.

A Lifesaver In Your Time Of Need!

Key cutting services are a lifesaver since they offer you so much convenience at a very low cost. Why should you live on the edge and wait till disaster strikes to act? Find a reliable locksmith and have them cut spare keys for you. So what are you waiting for? Call us now and take advantage of our top services.

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