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Having a different key for every door of your business isn’t always practical, which is why we recommend switching to a master key system. We have more keys than they can handle so you can use these systems to increase security and improve efficiency.

Different levels of keys can give the key owners access to different parts of the business, allowing two or more keys to open the same lock.

With a key system, specific keys are used to open a certain number of doors. This results in a reduction in the number of keys and limited circulation of keys among staff members as well, creating greater security.

This multi-level access is ideal for businesses with many rooms and varying levels of responsibility among the employees. The hierarchy is carefully planned out and the keys are distributed depending on the authority level of the person.

There Are Four Levels In A Master Key System, And Those Include:

The Great grandmaster key

This is the key of all keys and the highest level that unlocks all systems under it; including grandmaster, master, and change keys. In the case of a multi-site business, the great grandmaster key can access all of the premises and would normally be in the possession of the founder or CEO of the business.

The Grandmaster key

This key gives somewhat restricted access as compared to the great grand master key. It is usually in the possession of the Operations Director of the company and has the power to open all locks within a building or floor; along with all the master key and change key locks under it.

The Master key

The master key gives access to certain sections of the building and can lock and unlock all of the change key locks below it.
For instance, the CFO would have a master key giving access to the room; holding all the financial records and the business safe. Similarly, the business manager would have a master key unlocking the conference rooms, restricting access to the financial records room.

Finally, The Change key

This is the lowest level in the system, also referred to as the sub-master key; opens only one lock which can also be opened by the corresponding master key. It is ideal for employees/staff members who need access to one particular lock, not other areas of the business.

The Benefits Of A Master Key System For Your Business Include:

More safety

A master key system allows you to design your key distribution hierarchy in such a way as to give employees access to only the areas that they need access to.

It gives different employees different levels of access and authorization depending on their roles within the business. For instance, a CEO would have a higher level of access control; i.e. access to more areas of the business, than a warehouse manager.

Also, one key opening several locks means fewer keys being distributed among the employees; which subsequently means fewer instances of the keys getting lost or stolen.


As mentioned above, different keys for every door in the business can be quite confusing and stressful for the key holders.
A master key system means that all or some areas of the business; depending on the hierarchy, can be accessed with one key only. This makes things very convenient, especially in times of an emergency such as a fire in the building. You wouldn’t have to waste time rummaging through a bunch of keys, looking for the right one.

Greater access control

A master key system makes duplication of keys very difficult, giving the business owners more control over the keys and the key holders. There are restricted master key that have a registered design, meaning that only a specific key locksmith can duplicate the keys, that too after permission and verification.

Systems Security Now Available!

Additionally, the system allows you to keep track of the number of keys and the employees who have them. In case of an intrusion or theft, you can easily track down the people who have access to the area in question and take the necessary action.

Where Does Locksmith Framingham Come In When I Need A Locksmith?

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All About Master Key System

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